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Evaluate Authentic Language Proficiency – And So Much More

Designed specifically to test and assess authentic language proficiency, but can also be used to measure mastery of other subject matter.

Assess skills, not only in reading and writing, but also in listening and speaking.

Extensive choice of activity and question types – with numerous variations – lets you test everything from vocabulary and pronunciation to knowledge, comprehension, and various competencies.

Get and document defendable results.

The University of Ottawa uses XpressLab to test the language proficiency of students and job candidates.

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Easy-to-Use Test Planner

Intuitive, slide-based test authoring.

Configure the test structure, question flow, and marking scheme to meet your needs.

Set point values and time limits for each question.

Create low-, medium-, and high-stakes tests, including invigilated or proctored tests.

Choose the best activities and questions you need for diagnostic, formative, summative, placement, and qualification tests

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100% Cloud-Based Tests

Run on any device – computer, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, and smartphone – with an internet connection.

Nothing for you or the test takers to install.

Maintenance-free with automatic, behind-the-scenes updates.

Enables remote (off-site) testing for low- and medium-stakes tests.

Scalable to an unlimited number of tests and test takers.

The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) uses XpressLab to test the language proficiency of foreign-trained teachers.

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Robust Speech Recognition Technology

Give instant feedback to spoken answers on practice tests.

Automatically mark spoken and text-based answers to objective questions.

Allow test-takers to give oral answers in a private environment.

Configure stringency, maximum length of spoken response, and other settings.

100+ languages supported.

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