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Language educators are using XpressLab to teach more effectively, save time, and expand their reach.

Multimedia and Interactive

Get and keep your students’ attention by using the media they want and expect. Multimedia content with interactivity also lets you develop the and measure four basic language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Speech Recognition

Powerful Speech Recognition technology encourages students to practice speaking more in a private, intimidation-free environment. It gives instant feedback to the learner during practice exercises, so they can evaluate their own progress.

Easy to Use

If you can use PowerPoint, then you know how to use XpressLab. The convenient marking interface helps you breeze through reviewing and marking answers. Easy enough for students to use on their own. Techie skills and IT teams are not required.


Zero installation and maintenance for you or your students. Accessible anytime, anywhere with any web browser and operating system, including Chromebooks and smartphones. In all likelihood, you won’t need new hardware to run XpressLab.

Provide Contextualized Learning

XpressLab empowers you to create your own lessons and assessments so that they are relevant, interesting, and appealing to your students. This increases their motivation and makes the lessons more memorable.

Solidify Learning through Practice

Give follow-up exercises and practice tests to consolidate the learning of vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and communication. Set up low-pressure activities to encourage more practice.

Vary Inputs and Tests for a Holistic Approach

Mix and match the wide array of activity types and question types in XpressLab to challenge your students and accurately measure learning. Track their progress in real time so you can adjust your teaching as needed.

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Create Modules for Everyone, From Low-Level to High-Level Language Users

(Here are just a few examples)

Repeat or Mimic Audio Prompts

Multiple Choice

Matching Items

Fill-in-the-Blanks (Cloze)

Correct the Passage

Essay Writing

Oral Journal

Group Discussion

Student's Multimedia Presentation

XpressLab Makes It Easier for You to Be A Great Language Teacher!

  • Use pre-made French language modules, developed by √Čtienne, an educational performing artist (Other languages and subjects are coming soon!). Or easily create your own.
  • Allow students to work independently and self-administer lessons, practice exercises and tests.
  • Auto-mark objective questions, including spoken responses, through XpressLab’s robust Speech Recognition feature.
  • Add your own rubrics inside XpressLab to review and mark subjective responses more easily.
  • See, review, and mark responses in one convenient marking interface so you can finish marking faster than ever.
  • Give personalized feedback by either typing it or recording audio – whichever is easier for you.
  • Capture and store all test results, individual responses, writing and speaking samples in one central location.

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