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Improve learning, empower students, and work smarter.

Multimedia and Interactive

Reinforce text with images, audio, and video to make learning more interesting.

Create activities that encourage learners to participate more and work independently.

Present subject matter more effectively for better recall, understanding, and assimilation.

Increases Accessibility

Accommodate different learning styles and abilities.

XpressLab’s interface is easy for students to use, making it accessible, inclusive, and effective to more learners.

Allow more students to excel.

Works on any device and web browser with an internet connection for anytime, anywhere learning.

Saves Time and Effort

The familiar, intuitive interface has a low learning curve, so you can get started in minutes.

Forget about downloading, installation, or maintenance.

Automatic marking, real-time score processing, ready-made content, and other features free up your time and energy.

Frustrated with Teaching Today's Digital Natives?

Today's learners speak a different language - the digital language of dynamic content, interactivity, and instant gratification. With XpressLab, you can provide the interactive multimedia content they've come to want and expect, even if you're not a techie.

If you can create slides on PowerPoint, then you can create content on XpressLab

Since it has a familiar and intuitive slide-based interface, you’ll be publishing lessons and tests with confidence in a short time.

Begin with what you already have. Upload your existing slides. Or take your pen-and-paper activites and transform them into e-learning resources.

Add graphic elements

Incorporate graphic elements from the built-in image library or upload your own. Easily add audio and video through Click-and-Go recording on your own computer. You can even embed videos from YouTube!


XpressLab’s cutting-edge Text-to-Speech feature turns your typed text into human-sounding audio. You get to configure the voice, accent, pitch, and speed.

Provide contextualized learning

Use stimuli and prompts that are relevant and interesting to your students. You’re in control of all the elements of the modules in XpressLab, so you can use what your learners would find most appealing.

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Design Tests to Enhance Retention and Make Learning Visible

Studies show that low-stakes quizzes strengthen students’ recall of lessons. With XpressLab, you can create quick tests for independent recall practices. Students get instant feedback, which further boosts motivation and learning.

You can also create robust, valid assessments for everything from low- to higher-order cognitive skills. The results will help you make better decisions on how to make your lessons even more effective.

Repeat or Mimic Audio Prompts

Multiple Choice

Matching Items

Fill-in-the-Blanks (Cloze)

Correct the Passage

Essay Writing

Oral Journal

Group Discussion

Student's Multimedia Presentation

Take Your Lessons to the Next Level with XpressLab

  • For the fastest way to get started, use the pre-made modules in the XpressLab Content Library (other languages and subjects are coming soon!).
  • Allow students to work independently and self-administer lessons, practice exercises and tests.
  • Auto-mark objective questions including spoken responses through XpressLab’s robust Speech Recognition feature.
  • Share your content in the XpressLab Content Library. Choose to give access only to other teachers within your organization or all other XpressLab users.
  • Add your own rubrics inside XpressLab to review and mark subjective responses more easily.
  • See, review, and mark responses in one convenient marking interface so you can finish marking faster than ever.
  • Give personalized feedback by either typing it or recording audio – whichever is easier for you.
  • Capture and store all test results, individual responses, writing and speaking samples in one central location.
  • Track students’ progress through canned and custom reports, so you can make evidence-based decisions.

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