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Spend Less Time Marking While Giving Better Feedback

Real-Time, Automatic Marking and Feedback

Automatically mark objective questions – including spoken responses – based on the correct answers and grade values you provide.

Speech Recognition gives instant feedback on spoken answers during practice exercises.

Reduce your workload and eliminate the potential for human error and inconsistency.

Evaluate and Mark Subjective Questions Faster

Quickly see student submissions that need your evaluation from different areas of your admin account.

Activity Dashboard shows the total number of submissions you need to mark.

See the question and student’s answer, and submit the score all in one marking interface.

Accomodate multi-reviewer, multi-step adjudication workflows and collect scores all in one web-based location.

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Convenient Marking with Rubrics

Specify performance levels, competencies/tasks, dimensions, and values in the Free-form Rubric Template Editor.

Apply the same rubric to multiple tests, if appropriate.

Rubrics appear on the marking interface for easy marking: simply click on the performance level that best corresponds with the student’s answer.

XpressLab’s scoring engine records and calculates values and total scores in real time, based on the rubric.

Give Meaningful Feedback That Promotes Learning and Mastery

Provide additional feedback to both objective and subjective answers, either as a text or an audio comment.

Allow students to see their results and your additional feedback.

If desired, you can permit students to retake a test after receiving feedback, and specify how many times they can do so.

See individual student’s test answers to identify specific areas for improvement.

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