A Revolutionary Way To Improve and Assess Speaking Skills

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University of Ottawa
Ministry of Education
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Powerful Speech Recognition Technology Lets Users Independently Practice and Test Speaking Skills

Encourage students to practice speaking more

Provide a private, intimidation-free environment for speech practice.

Students can practice and drill themselves even outside the classroom.

Instant feedback on practice exercises lets students assess themselves and track their own progress.

Give students more time to practice speaking than they normally get in class.

A lot of my students really are starting to speak more because they’re getting that confidence level.

Jill Kaufman, Head of Modern Languages
Vincent Massey Secondary School, Windsor, Ontario

Easier, Scalable Speech Testing

Assess pronunciation and speaking skills without one-on-one attention.

Objective questions can be auto-marked or manually reviewed. Subjective questions are manually reviewed and marked.

Scale to a virtually unlimited number of tests and test takers.

Conduct remotely for low – and medium-stakes tests.

Securely store test results in one secure, central place.

Configurable to Meet Your Needs

Set the stringency you require (lax or strict).

Either automatically record spoken answers or have test takers manually record them.

Give test takers time to prepare their spoken response, if desired, and how long prep time will be.

Option to provide a sample audio answer.

Determine the maximum response length for spoken answers.

I find it a lot easier and less stressful to answer questions on the XpressLab than when I’m standing in front of a whole group of people. It’s a lot less pressure on you.

Student, Ontario

More Reasons Why You’ll Love XpressLab’s Speech Recognition

  • More than 100 languages supported
  • Reliable even with a computer’s built-in mic and speaker
  • Algorithm allows for slow speaking, starts and stops, and other speaking idiosyncrasies of language beginners

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