When it comes to mastering a new language, teachers and students both agree that practice is essential.

Listening to common words and phrases in the target language, and then repeating those same words, helps language students perfect the inflections and pronunciation nuances of a new language. Similarly, responding orally to question prompts in the context of real-world conversations, also promotes fluency while building confidence.

However, many students feel intimidated when it comes to speaking in front of their peers. In addition, large class sizes and limited timetables make it difficult for students to get their turn to speak or read during class time.

Speech Recognition technology, the latest addition to the XpressLab suite of e-learning tools, allows teachers to create interactive Audio Response Questions that capture student audio, and deliver instant results. With real-time speech recognition technology, students are encouraged to practice their listening and speaking skills in a safe, effective, and interactive environment.

Incorporating speech recognition activities is easy. Simply add an Audio Response Question to a Practice Exercise, using XpressLab’s intuitive Test Planner. Then, select the Use speech recognition setting.

Type the correct answer to your question, and stylize your question slide using multimedia elements. Speech recognition questions can use audio question prompts, images, and even videos, to provide an interactive stimulus.

As students record their answers, XpressLab instantly delivers feedback by indicating right and wrong answers.

Configurable settings allow teachers to modify the difficulty of each speech recognition question, using elements such as Auto Play and Auto Record. Preparation Time and Recording Time Limits can also be added to speed up or slow down progression through the activity.

By providing instant feedback and new opportunities for safe and effective practice, speech recognition activities can help your students succeed in mastering the core concepts of your language course.

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