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Student Activity At-A-Glance

See your students’ latest actions as soon as you log on to XpressLab.

Visual display shows student behaviors:

  • logins
  • viewed/started
  • activity completed
  • discussion post added

See an overview of student actions for all your courses, for each individual course, or for each specific activity/test.

Built-In Reports Show Student Performance in Real Time

Activity Report shows all the activities in a course and the corresponding metrics for each one.

Grades Report shows metrics for one specific activity individually.

Overall Test Results Report provides details on activity/test instances and summarizes the scores achieved in each test section.

Response Level Report displays individual responses to test questions.

Test Section Report shows performance data on test sections and questions.

User Report gives general demographic and system usage information on test-takers.

Create Custom Reports

Edit the built-in reports to measure and track the exact metrics you need.

Save custom reports as templates so you can generate new data faster in the future.

Download reports as PDF, CSV, or XML to upload to your Student Information System, Learning Management System, or other legacy systems (if they’re not connected via API).

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