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Choose the Best Questions for the Compentency You Want to Measure and Improve

Whether you’re designing low-stakes tests that boost retention or high-stakes tests that evaluate mastery, you can find the question types you need.

Audio Response Question

Test takers provide spoken responses using the easy Click-and-Go audio recording feature. Perfect for practicing and direct testing of pronunciation, speech, and oral communication. Aside from building language skills, also increases learners’ confidence and independence. In practice exercises, learners get instant feedback through Speech Recognition.

Multiple Choice Question (Oral)

The question can be in either text or audio, while answer options are in audio format. Add audio by uploading the audio file or recording audio on your computer with Click-and-Go audio recording. Auto-marked for instant grading. Can be used for everything from vocabulary to comprehension, with a focus on listening skills. Multi-Question Slide option available.

Drawing Question

Test-takers draw their answers using the built-in Drawing Interface. They can free-draw, add shapes and lines, and color items. Must be manually reviewed and marked. Can gauge a variety of language skills as well as low- and higher-order cognitive skills. Provides variety and engages learners.

Text Passage Correction

Supply a text passage that has mistakes. Test-takers must find and highlight the mistake and provide the correct answer either by typing it or choosing from the dropdown menu. Auto-marked. Useful for assessing grammar and vocabulary, as well as higher cognitive skills like comprehension.

Matching Question

Text must be matched to the corresponding text, image, or audio. Good for assessing vocabulary, facts, and specific knowledge. Easy to construct. Auto-marked in XpressLab. When using images and audio, suitable even for beginner readers. Engaging for test takers.

Fill-in-the-Blanks and Cloze Question

Provide a text passage with words or phrases omitted. Test-takers either type the correct answer or choose from a dropdown menu. Good for testing recall and specific knowledge, such as grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Reduces guessing. Auto-marked.

Multiple Choice Question (Text)

The question can be in either text or audio, while answer options are in text. Can also be used for true/false questions. Test both lower-order and higher-order thinking. Auto-marked in XpressLab. Group several questions around the same theme on a Multi-Question Slide.

Written Response Question

Ask test-takers to type their answers in the text box, which includes a formatting toolbar. Set word count limits to make grading manageable. Best for testing knowledge, comprehension, translation, and writing skills. Can also be used for free recall testing.

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5 Ways XpressLab Questions Make You A Better Teacher and Assessor

1. Easily construct multimedia tests.

Pose the question as either text or audio:

– Add a spoken question with the XpressLab Click-and-Go audio recording feature.

– Or, use the Text-to-Speech feature to turn typed text into human-sounding speech, with configurable voice, accent, pitch, and voice speed.

– Format text by changing font type, size, color, and alignment.

Provide testing stimuli in a variety of media:

– Give stimuli using text, images, audio, or video – or any combination of these – to make the material relevant to the test-takers and tailored to the testing context.

– 3 ways to add audio: upload audio file; Click-and-Go audio recording on your own computer (requires microphone); or Text-to-Speech.

– 3 ways to add video: upload video file; Click-and-Go video recording (requires camera and microphone); or embed from youTube.

– upload images or draw your own in the built-in Drawing Interface.

– Hyperlink to either an external website or a downloadble file.

2. Give feedback to further boost learning.

– Can be given on both subjective and objective (auto-marked) questions.

– Option to type your feedback or give spoken feedback with the Click-and-Go audio recording.

3. Supports multiple languages.

– Create learning resources and assessments in any language you want.

Speech Recognition supports over 100 languages

– The appropriate accent marks are available when typing text.

4. Integrates with the most popular tracking systems.

– Connects with your Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS), or Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

– Eliminates the need to manually input data

– Reduces the possibility of human error

– See and track test-takers’ metrics without switching platforms

5. Save time without sacrificing effectiveness.

– Use the pre-made tests in the Content Library

– Auto-mark answers to objective questions, including spoken answers

– Duplicate tests and questions to use as templates

– See users’ progress at a glance in canned reports

– No system maintenance or updates for you to worry about

– Easy enough for test-takers to use for self-directed learning, practice, and evaluation

- Easy enough for test-takers to use for self-directed learning, practice, and evaluation

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