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Hold Your Students Attention and Enhance Their Learning with Rich Content

Bring lessons to life by providing the multimedia and interactive content today’s learners expect and demand.

Get started in minutes by choosing from hundreds of ready-to-use activities and tests for French language instruction (other subjects are coming soon) that align with official curricula.

Powerful Speech Recognition technology gives students instant feedback on their pronunciation and spoken answers.

Easily create your own rich content by uploading your existing slides and adding text, images, audio, and video. Or start from scratch with built-in templates for various activity types and question types.

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Assess The Exact Competencies You’re Targetting

Go beyond reading and writing. Evaluate your students’ listening and speaking skills with audio prompts, Click-and-Go audio recording, and Speech Recognition.

Aside from typing their answers, ask students to respond by recording oral answers or even drawing their response.

Use the best type of activity or question to test the skills you want to measure: vocabulary, knowledge, comprehension, understanding, authentic language, and others.

Dig deeper by capturing subjective responses to journal and discussion prompts and drawing questions.

Have students complete projects on their own and submit their documents, slideshows, and images within the XpressLab app.

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Save Time And Effort Without Sacrificing Results

Automatically mark objective questions (such as True-or-False, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blanks), including spoken answers.

Let students practice speaking on their own and get instant feedback so they can self-correct.

Track individual and class progress with activity reports, at-a-glance analytics, and custom reports.

Give in-depth, personalized feedback by recording your spoken comments.

Turn your typed text into natural, human-sounding audio with cutting-edge Text-to-Speech technology.

Duplicate your best content to reuse with other cohorts.

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Make Learning More Accessible To All Students

Students can access content even outside the classroom, using any device with an internet connection.

Appeal to different learning styles by combining text, images, audio, and video in teacher presentations, practice exercises, and tests.

Audio prompts are a good supplement for students who struggle to read.

Click-and-Go audio recording accommodates students who express themselves better by speaking than by writing.

Click-and-Go audio recording accommodates students who express themselves better by speaking than by writing.

Extremely Low Learning Curve For Both You And Your Students

If you know how to use PowerPoint, then you know how to use XpressLab’s slide-based interface.

On-screen hints and intuitive design make XpressLab easy to figure out, even for non-techies.

Get responsive support through email, phone, or the online support desk.

Students’ dashboard lets them easily locate and complete tests, see notifications, access discussion posts, and review feedback on their work.

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My students, after the second time of being in the lab, knew how to set up their equipment in order to do it themselves. They come in the lab, they know what they have to do, and I’m just there to facilitate.

Jill Kaufman, Head of Modern Languages
Vincent Massey Secondary School, Windsor, Ontario

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