Assess Language Fluency for Specific Fields of Study and Professions

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Deploy Comprehensive, Reliable Placement and Screening Tests for Students and Employees

Create Exactly the Tests You Need and Generate Defendable Results

Create tests that involve, not just reading and writing, but also listening and speaking. This means you can effectively assess vocabulary, both reading and listening comprehension, pronunciation, oral expression, and other competencies.

Tailor the test content to reflect specific areas of study or job tasks. If an academic program or job requires fluency in a specialized language, you can test for it by customizing the prompts and questions in your XpressLab test.

Success in your instution requires more than theoretical or “textbook” language proficiency. Measure real-world language fluency with the extensive choice of activities and question types available in XpressLab.

Deploy tests remotely for practice tests and low- to medium-stake assessments. Or onsite, for high-stakes, invigilated tests. The choice is yours.

Enable manual review and multi-reviewer workflows. All reviewers work from a single platform that captures their marks in one centralized location.

Add and apply your own rubrics with the Free-form Rubric Template Editor. Mark answers straight on the rubric and XpressLab automatically assigns and tallies the scores.

See how the University of Ottawa – Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute uses XpressLab to assess language proficiency in students, employees, and the general public

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Easy and Affordable Scalability

Convert your existing pen-and-paper tests and face-to-face tests in XpressLab.

Provide access to anyone with a computer, tablet, Chromebook, or smartphone and internet connection.

Accommodate an unlimited number of test-takers.

Allow test-takers to self-administer the tests.

Create as many tests as you need.

Clone tests to use with different cohorts, or duplicate and modify tests to make endless variations.

Higher-Ed Institutions Use XpressLab for:

  • Admissions screening
  • Student placement
  • Practice testing
  • Self-directed learning
  • Second language learning
  • Pre-employment testing
  • Professional accreditation, certification, licensing
  • Evaluating language teaching programs

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Lighten Your Workload While Increasing Efficiency

Cloud-based application requires no installation, additional plugins, or maintenance for both admin users and test takers.

Auto-mark objective questions, including spoken responses, through XpressLab’s robust Speech Recognition feature.

Capture and store all test results, individual responses, writing and speaking samples in one central location.

Integrate with the Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS), Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and Single Sign-on technology you’re already using, eliminating the need for the double entry of information .

Instantly get canned or custom reports

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