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Captivating and Educational

Developed by pedagogy and French language learning professionals, these modules make learning fun – and effective.

Lively music, animation, and video hold interest and make concepts memorable.

Access content shared by colleagues in your organization or publicly by other educators (You can share your own content, too!).

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These pre-made, interactive courses are ready for you to use.

Watch how easy it is to choose and use the content that’s appropriate for your class.

Meet Your French Language Learning Curriculum Expectations

The XpressLab Content Library supports and corresponds with the levels for:

  • Grade levels
  • Core, Immersion, and Extended programs
  • CEFR
  • ACTFL proficiency
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More Reasons Why You’ll Love XpressLab’s Content Library

  • Over 100 lessons and exercises to choose from
  • Develops reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Students can practice speaking independently
  • Engages students with music, video, and animation
  • Fully editable and customizable to your needs
  • Covers a variety of topics and themes
  • Option to share content with other XpressLab educators

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