Training and Assessments for Specific Roles

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Say Goodbye to Generic Training and Testing for the Workplace

Get and Hold Their Attention

XpressLab allows you to use text, images, audio, and video to teach any topic. Plus, embed your existing slides and make them interactive.

Make It Relevant

You have full control over the content of the training, so you can design modules specific to your organization’s industry, culture, and conditions.

Active Participants Learn Better

Enhance learning by letting participants interact with the content. Give them practice exercises to develop mastery. Give instant feedback to audio responses with Speech Recognition.

Test for On-the-Job Success

Your organization requires specific skills and competencies. Design tests for real-world skills, using the extensive choice of activities and question types available in XpressLab.

Administer Tests Anytime, Anywhere

Your training content and assessments are available 24/7 anywhere to users with a device and an internet connection. XpressLab works on any browser and operating system.

Real-Time Results, Instant Reports

XpressLab processes scores in real time. Get reports on each individual user, lesson, or test using either canned or custom reports, so you can keep track of progress.


See how the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) found a way to assess language proficiency specific to the teaching profession.

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XpressLab Takes Care of Scalability

Deliver training and assessments to an unlimited number of users.

Users self-administer the training content and tests.

Create as many courses and tests as you need.

Auto-mark objective questions – including spoken responses through XpressLab’s robust Speech Recognition feature-for fast, error-free marking .

Duplicate your best content to use with different user groups, or modify existing content to make endless variations.

Businesses Use XpressLab for:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Practice testing
  • Employee self-directed learning
  • New employee onboarding
  • Professional accreditation, certification, licensing

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Work Less, Do More

Cloud-based application requires no installation, additional plugins, or maintenance for both admin and employees.

Convenient marking interface facilitates the review and scoring of subjective questions.

Easily record audio prompts with XpressLab’s Click-and-Go recording, or use the Text-to-Speech feature to turn typed text into spoken passages.

Integrate with the Learning Management System (LMS), Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and Single Sign-on technology you’re already using, eliminating the need for the double entry of information and the human error it usually causes.

Instantly see how your users are doing by looking at XpressLab’s canned reports. Or quickly generate custom reports.

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