Sneak Peak: Your First Look at Speech Recognition in XpressLab

Speech Recognition technology, the latest addition to the XpressLab suite of e-learning tools, allows teachers to create interactive Audio Response Questions that capture student audio, and deliver instant results. With real-time speech recognition technology, students are encouraged to practice their listening and speaking skills in a safe, effective, and interactive environment.

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XpressLab Announces New Features: Course Authoring Interface Spotlight

XpressLab is a unique digital language assessment, course authoring, and course delivery platform that uses multimedia tools to create interactive activities, lessons, assessments, and course

XpressLab Updates

Supporting Learning Styles with Digital Technology – Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment

As teachers, it is extremely important to meet our students where they are. In order to truly help students grasp new information and concepts, a

XpressLab Updates

The Blended Learning Model: Teaching in the 21st Century

The term “blended learning” is slowly becoming ubiquitous within the education industry, but what exactly does this term mean and how are schools incorporating new

XpressLab Updates

School’s Out…Now What? 5 Fresh Ideas to Fight Summer Learning Loss

With 76% of teachers saying it’s “extremely important” to keep learning going over the summer months and 75% of parents wishing educators would tell them

XpressLab Updates

How 21st Century Learning is Changing Canadian Education

The need to integrate technology within the classroom has increased significantly over the past several years, due in large part to the ubiquitous nature of

XpressLab Updates

3 Major Problems Facing Education Today… and How To Solve Them

The education industry has recognized the need to incorporate digital technology within the classroom and course curriculum. However, the transition to fully integrated and blended

XpressLab Updates

Ace the Test with XpressLab’s Built-In Assessment Tools & Test Types

Tests and assessments are essential in assessing student strengths and weakness, providing grading and feedback, motivating students, measuring student performance, carrying out curriculum evaluation and

XpressLab Updates

Improve Language Learning with Multimedia

Multimedia, the combination of text, images, sound and video, work together to help to create a multi-sensory, fully immersive environment. Adding multimedia elements helps educators

XpressLab Updates

4 Reasons to Integrate Online Testing in Foreign Language Curriculum

The integration of technology into our classrooms presents exciting opportunities with regards to how we disseminate, mark, record and respond to student performance on a

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