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Choose the Best Activity for Your Learning Goals

Use the built-in activites in XpressLab to create lessons, practice exercises, drills, and tests.

Teacher Presentations

The most versatile activity type. Use it to create lessons and learning resources with multimedia elements. Get and keep your learners’ attention, make the lesson more memorable, and enhance understanding and retention. Include self-assessment questions to increase long-term recall of the material.

Practice Exercises

Create drills and tests with objective questions. Learners get instant feedback on their answers. Let students practice in a low-stakes environment to solidify and consolidate their learning. Speech Recognition encourages speech practice in the target language. Practice exercises can be converted into Standard Tests.

Standard Tests

Create tests with both objective and subjective questions for marking. Useful for diagnostic, formative, benchmark, and summative testing and proficiency assessments. Use results to adjust your lessons and better support learners, or to screen applicants.

Oral Discussion

A shared activity where all students in a course can record oral responses to a prompt or question and respond to each other’s answers. This activity strengthens and assesses extended speech as well as higher-level thinking and communication skills.

Student Journal

Let students use extended speech by recording oral responses up to 5 minutes long. This private forum accessible only by each student and the teacher is useful for reflection, mentoring, and higher-level language activities. It can also be used as a portfolio that shows a student’s progress throughout the term.

Dropbox Assignment

Have students work on assignments on other platforms (such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and others) and submit them through a Dropbox Assignment. This is a more convenient and organized way of collecting assignments than email.

Student Presentations

Students practice their language skills and demonstrate mastery of a subject by creating their own multimedia presentation. Strengthen their skills in communication, persuasion, and public speaking while building confidence and independence.

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5 Ways XpressLab Activities Make You A Better Teacher

1. Engage learners by easily adding multimedia elements

Add audio:

– Upload audio file, record from your computer with the XpressLab Click-and-Go audio recording feature, or use the Text-to-Speech feature to turn typed text into human-sounding speech.

Add video:

– Upload video file, record from your computer with the XpressLab Click-and-Go video recording feature (web cam required), or embed a video from YouTube.

Format text by changing font type, size, color, and alignment. Use accent marks.

Add images:

– Upload files, import from the built-in library of free images with Creative Commons licenses, or draw on the slide with the built-in Drawing Canvas, or add shapes.

2. Configure activities to suit your needs

Activity Settings control aspects such as time limits, language, etc.

Test Taker and Permission Settings determine which students can access the activity.

Evaluation Settings help you assign rubrics, results reports, and scoring guides.

Introduction and End Message Content let you add text messages to motivate and encourage your students.

3. Supports multiple languages

Create learning resources and assessments in any language you want.

In addition, Speech Recognition supports over 100 languages

4. Integrates with the most popular tracking systems

Connect XpressLab with your Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS), or Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Eliminates the need to manually input data

Reduces the possibility of human error

See and track your users’ metrics in one platform

5. Save time without sacrificing results

Use the pre-made activities in the Content Library

Duplicate activities to use as templates

Canned reports show users’ progress at-a-glance

No system maintenance or updates for you to worry about

Easy enough for learners to use for self-directed learning, practice, and evaluation

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