The integration of technology into our classrooms presents exciting opportunities with regards to how we disseminate, mark, record and respond to student performance on a wide range of tests and assessments. From the individual classroom to nationwide standardized testing, integrating digital technology through the use of online has proven to have a number of positive benefits for students, teachers and schools.

Online testing for foreign language studies offers the following benefits:

1.  A faster return of student scores, which allows for increased instructional and remediation time Improved efficiency of data collection and management

2.  Increased accuracy of student data

3.  Increased security of test content and student data

4.  The ability to include technology-enhanced items that allow students to indicate their responses in ways that demonstrate critical-thinking and creativity

When integrating online testing as part of your language education curriculum, it’s important to look for an assessment platform that offers a full range of multimedia elements and tools as well as integrated use of proven pedagogy and assessment methods, such as mastery-style and timed tests.

XpressLab is a unique digital language assessment that makes it easy for teachers to integrate multimedia elements, such as audio sound clips, student voice recordings, images, video and more, directly into tests and assessments.

XpressLab integrates online testing and evaluation by allowing educators to post a wide range of exam types, including oral, auditory, mastery style and timed exams. Students are able to take tests and complete assessments directly within the XpressLab platform. Assessment and test results are then automatically recorded within the platform, making it easier for educators to evaluate and track each student’s achievements.

In addition to developing, delivering and recording interactive assessments with multimedia elements, XpressLab is also a full course authoring and course delivery platform that truly makes learning a new language fun. Use XpressLab to create an interactive learning environment where students can use technology to discover how to speak, read and write in a new language. The system is intuitive and easy to use for both teachers and students. All of the tools are built-in web authoring tools, which allows instructors to create material by simply choosing from colors, fonts, backgrounds, graphics as well as making it easy to import existing images/files and audio streaming – all from within the platform’s user friendly dashboards.

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