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University of Ottawa
Ministry of Education
University of Windsor

Zero Tech Skills Required

We created XpressLab for the lay person who doesn’t have specialized skills in computer programming, coding, or designing.

If you can make slides in Microsoft Powerpointâ„¢, then you can create content in XpressLab.

XpressLab also comes with on-screen user guides and tips, a comprehensive user guide, and responsive customer support.

It’s incredibly easy. I am not a technologically savvy person but I find it incredibly easy to use and set up.

Jill Kaufman, Head of Modern Languages
Vincent Massey Secondary School, Windsor, Ontario

Read, Write, Listen, and Speak

Go beyond reading and writing, and enable your students to sharpen their listening and speaking skills.

With XpressLab’s powerful Speech Recognition technology, your students have a safe, intimidation-free environment to practice listening and speaking. And they get immediate feedback – even without one-on-one attention from you.

Diverse Activity Types

Build competencies.

Wide Range of Question Types

With numerous variations, for valid assessments.

Marking Options

Give meaningful feedback.

I find it a lot easier and less stressful to answer questions on the XpressLab than when I’m standing in front of a whole group of people. It’s a lot less pressure on you.

Student, Ontario

Multimedia Content for Today’s Digital Learners

  • Import and use pre-made multimedia lessons and activities – or create your own
  • Automatically mark spoken answers to objective questions
  • Prompt students with text, images, audio, or video
  • Transform typed text into speech to measure listening skills and comprehension
  • Create assessments that measure exactly the competencies you’re looking for

Cloud-Based, Nothing to Install or Download

  • Use on a computer, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection
  • Automatic updates and zero maintenance for you
  • We do everything possible to keep your data safe and private

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