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Each Premium Content course is designed to meet your provincial, state and country French curriculum expectations.

Within each course, you'll find interactive activities and tests that require students to demonstrate awareness, comprehension, understanding and metacognition.

Use real-time audio playback and recording functionality and speech recognition technology to target proficiency competencies like reading, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking skills.


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We Can Help You Meet Your French Language Learning Curriculum Expectations

Each Premium Content course is available in a Level 1 through Level 4 variation. Premium Content Levels correspond to suggested grade levels, programs (ex. Core, Immersion, Extended, Level), CEFR levels and ACTFL proficiency levels. This ensures that your curriculum expectations are recognized and supported by the courses and activities that are made available in our curated resource Library.

XpressLab Features
XpressLab Features

While XpressLab Levels act as a guide for your French language learning expectations, each module is not exclusive to the assigned Level. You can modify and edit Premium Content courses and activities to better meet the needs of your students. XpressLab’s free-form editing platform ensures that teachers remain in control of their language learning resources. Edit or modify any imported Premium Content courses using our intuitive Test Planner and slide-based Authoring Mode. You can adjust Activity Settings such as grade values and evaluation parameters, or add additional multimedia elements to your Premium Content courses.


Reference Our Universal Expectations and Compatible Regional Curriculum Guides

XpressLab provides French teachers with universal expectations and compatible regional expectation guides that cover the four strands of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. French teachers may use these overall expectations as learning goals, aims, and “I can” statements that suit the needs of their specific regional French curriculum and for their students’ goals towards improving French proficiency in all four areas.

Click here to download a copy of the XpressLab Learning Expectations and Compatible Curriculum Guide.


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