Introducing the Test Planner: An Easier Way to Create Language Tests
Thursday, November 24, 2016The XpressLab Test Planner provides a streamlined alternative to test authoring.The Test Planner allows users to structure interactive language proficiency tests using Sections and Testlets to group core concepts and test stimuli. Add constraints to modify the test-taking experience by adding minimum section scores, section time limits, and more.
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The XpressLab Library Gets Social
Wednesday, March 04, 2015New social features and interactive tools are in store for the XpressLab global Library engine. In addition to a slew of new features designed to make it easier to share, locate, and upload course content, the XpressLab Library will now encourage education professionals to share their feedback and recommendations.
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Create Custom Reports with XpressLab's New Reporting Engine
Tuesday, March 03, 2015XpressLab's new Report Generation module extends the systems top-level performance-based reporting functionality, and makes it easy for users to self-create customized reports on a wide range of data. Discover how easy it is to generate a robust analytic report with the new Report Generation module, set to launch in the summer of 2015.
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Supporting Students with Special Needs - 5 Strategies for Creating an Inclusive Classroom
Tuesday, October 21, 2014Working with special needs students is a great opportunity to hone your teaching skills, as well as a chance to positively impact a student’s life for years to come. Creating an inclusive classroom requires teachers to make adjustments in the classroom environment, curriculum planning, and assessments. Find out how XpressLab can help support students with special needs and ensure student success for everyone.
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6 Ways to Improve Student Success in Any Subject
Monday, October 20, 2014Are you looking to boost your student’s success rates? Is your classroom low on enthusiasm or are you looking for a way to breathe new life into your curriculum? Find our how XpressLab can ensure student success in any subject.
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XpressLab Announces New Features: Teacher Dashboard Spotlight
Thursday, September 11, 2014This summer, we've been busy developing exciting new features and enhancements to XpressLab's Teacher Dashboard. Check out what's in store for XpressLab's all new, interactive Teacher Dashboard. Be sure to share your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the platform for your classroom!
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XpressLab Announces New Features: Global Library Engine Spotlight
Tuesday, September 09, 2014We’ve taken a closer look at XpressLab’s current Library Engine, and spent extra time reviewing the feedback and suggestions provided to us from current XpressLab users and educators from across Canada. Based on this feedback, we've redeveloped the XpressLab Library Engine, allowing teachers to easily locate their previously developed content, as well as making it easier to share their original content with other teachers within their organization.
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XpressLab Announces New Features: Course Authoring Interface Spotlight
Monday, September 08, 2014In previous enhancements, we worked to improve the consistency of display between the Authoring mode and the Student View mode. In our most latest redesign, we’re aiming to reinforce this consistency for an even better, “what you see is what you get” experience. Read more about the improvements and enhancements we're planning for XpressLab's Course Authoring Interface.
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Supporting Learning Styles with Digital Technology - Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment
Friday, July 11, 2014Each student is unique! Understanding learning styles is an imperative way for teachers to successfully connect with their students. Read on to discover how exciting new digital and technological innovations are providing teachers and schools with easily accessible solutions that support a more individualized and inclusive approach to learning.
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