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Language Testing and Skills Development Made Easy

  • Intuitive authoring environment is easy-to-use
  • Add multimedia elements that promote interactivity & offer authenticated evaluation
  • Import ready-made tests, questions & courses developed by pedagogy specialists
  • Track progress and create insightful reports
  • Gain access to multilingual user-interface support & cross platform compatibility
  • Use XpressLab anytime and anywhere - there's nothing to download!


How It Works


A proficiency testing & language learning tool
that fits your needs

XpressLab is built with customization in mind. Whether you represent a K-12 public school board, a small private school, a large-scale post-secondary institution or a multi-faceted private organization, we specialize in helping you create and deliver online language tests, blended learning content, and online training programs.

Evaluate Candidacy

Use XpressLab to test the fluency of prospective employees, admissions candidates or internationally trained professionals.

Extend Your LMS

XpressLab supports seamless LMS and SIS integration. Discover the ideal plug in-and-go app to maximize your existing platforms.

Create & Share eLearning Content

Create public or private online courses, test questions, activities and resources. Share your eLearning content in the XpressLab Library.


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