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Create interactive, digital activities, assessments and resources that target listening comprehension and speaking skills.

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Core Features


Support & Services

Dedicated support and built in services to help you plan, manage, execute, evaluate and share your online language assessments, presentations and courseware.

Fully Customizable

Customize XpressLab to reflect your institution, corporate brand and project objectives.

Easy to Use

Intuitive user interfaces make it easy to create and deliver courses, assessments and resources.

Multi-Browser Compatibility

Fully assessible on a wide range of desktop and mobile devices.

Integration Support

Export or import functionality allows for extended integration of past and present projects.

Publish & Share

Publish resources into a personal library and share content among colleagues or within school boards.

Platform Training

Online training videos, live webinar events and dedicated customer service reps ensure that you get the most of your software.

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