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XpressLab is an easy-to-use program for creating activities that target listening comprehension and speaking skills.
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  • Jean Chorostecki, Peel District School Board "As another term draws to a close, I just wanted to let you know how much I've loved using xpresslab. My students are all very comfortable with the program. This term, instead of giving the term-end dictation in class, I assigned 2 different dictations, based on the seating plan. Students logged in and had a chance to listen to the 10 sentences as many times as possible within the 30 minutes given for the evaluation. I recorded the whole dictée and then I recorded the sentences individually. Students prepared for this by listening to a reading (teacher presentation) and following along in their texts. They could do this part at home. The two dictations which I composed where based on, but not identical to the article from their text. The kids mentioned that they thought this method was more respectful of the fact that certain students need more time than others. I simply circulated in the room. I will certainly repeat this activity.I thought you would be interested in the feedback."
  • Student comment (Teacher, Jean Chorostecki, Peel District School Board) "Xpresslab was very helpful. It was just like having a teacher anywhere you go. You only need an Internet connection, a headset and an account in Xpresslab in order to learn. I would recommend it for my other classes as well!"
  • Amelia Vilaranda, St. Clair Catholic District School Board "Tonight we had Parent Teacher interviews and both Jamie and I received many compliments on the program and how they are finally seeing their kids do French homework.  I had a laptop with me in and was able to pull up some of the work they have submitted and show the parents a variety of activities available to them online through XpressLab.  They were quite impressed and all, even the ones whose kids didn't really enjoy French before, are saying that French is their favourite class to go to.  Certainly great to hear!!!!!  It was a great evening!"
  • Kathy Mertsis, York Region District School Board "I am really enjoying using XpressLab.  It has a lot of great educational benefits for students."
  • Lindsey Ecker, Greater Essex County District School Board "Thanks Jan!  It's going really well and I love using XpressLab with the students!  It's just a great resource to use with the students and I love that they can access it online from home to work on practice quizzes before a test etc."
  • Colleen Farrell, Peel District School Board "I LOVE this program.  The journal is a great asset."
  • Leslie A. Stewart, Waterloo Region District School Board "It worked!!!  My class of 30 really liked it and it went without a hitch!"
  • Joanne Verstege, Bluewater District School Board "I used XpressLab with my classes for the first time today.  Once the kids were in, they were off and running.  Very Cool!"
  • David Joseph, Greater Essex County District School Board "We are currently in the laboratoire and it's our first time using XpressLab at Kingsville.  My students love it.  My grade 10s are using it right now; they are answering some questions and will be participating in a group discussion.  Quel succès!  They love it.  Merci."
  • Helen Griffith, Thames Valley District School Board "Several teachers have told me how much they LOVE using XpressLab and it has completely changed their approach to teaching French."
  • Liz Bujaki, St. Clair Catholic District School Board "I received an e-mail from Tina Pumfrey who has been very diligent in getting XpressLab up in running in her classroom.  She is soooo excited to have the program and to witness the reaction of her students when using XpressLab."
  • Tina Pumfrey, St. Clair Catholic District School Board "Just wanted to let you know, my students have started using XpressLab to do oral reading practice, and it's AWESOME!  They are really trying hard, and are listening hard to my sample reading.  They are motivated to make themselves sound better.  I am so happy with this, it will be a great tool.  Thanks for introducing us to this.  I am trying to spread the word."
  • Corrie Graham, Lambton Kent District School Board "XpressLab is such a great a great program...I managed to cross it with my math and get my students to read numbers from 0.01 up to 100 000...meeting a math expectation.  I think I will use it for data management too and get them to read trends off diagrams.  Math and French OC marks!  This program has endless opportunities in the French Immersion program."